Q Shield Hand Foam Sanitizer 50mL

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Q Shield Hand Foam Sanitizer 50mL

Q Shield Hand Foam Sanitizer 50mL
Q Shield™ A New Generation of Hand Sanitizer
-Q Shield™ can be taken through airport security in hand luggage
– Q Shield™ eliminates microbes.
– Q Shield™ is hypoallergenic.
– Q Shield™ does not build or increase antibacterial or antimicrobial resistance in pathogens on repeated or prolonged use.
– Q Shield™ Is protected by Patent and is FDA Approved.

Q Shield™ is in use in it’s many forms all over the world, from hospitals in India, to private homes in the UK, China, USA, RSA, Bangkok, and restaurants in Hong Kong. There seems to be no limit to it’s uses or value to those that use it regularly.

The Q Shield™ family of products include, hand sanitizers, hard surface sprays and wipes as well as a Bio fog. It is simply the best product of its kind in the world and is recommended by Microbiologists and Nurses who specialise in infection control, across the world.