About Limbongan

Who We Are?

Our first independent pharmacy was established in 2012 with the core values are to bringing great brands, more varieties, better prices and services to our valued customers. The first Farmasi Limbongan started its operation in Limbongan, Melaka Tengah, Melaka. Up to date, Farmasi Limbongan has now expanded to 4 outlets throughout Melaka and still growing to fullfill community demand for dedicated and professional pharmaceutical services.

We are so much more than just an online pharmacy! We are a team dedicated to delivering an outstanding pharmacy experience for our customers. We’re on a mission to positively impact the health and wellbeing of our community.

Our objective is simple: Deliver Malaysia’s prescriptions and essential healthcare brands affordably, right to your doorstep. We’re able to achieve this with the help of technology; we’ve created a fulfilment process that is faster, more affordable and reliable!

We understand the value of convenience, so you can expect access to all your essentials at your fingertips.

Continue to be a leader in providing quality pharmaceutical care

Continue to be a leader in providing quality pharmaceutical care with a focus on complete and confidential service to patients across the entire health care spectrum through:

  • Expanding the role of the pharmacist as a clinician and drug information expert.
  • Expanding the role of the pharmacy technician as a pharmacy technical expert.

Empowering our pharmacy experts & continuously developing their roles

Empowering our pharmacy experts and continuously developing their roles will enable the Pharmacy Service to:

  • Provide pharmaceutical services that meet the needs of the patients in conjunction with the medical staff.
  • Monitor all important aspects of care through established structures and processes to ensure that the right drug and right dose get to the right patient by the right route at the right time and to evaluate the outcomes of care.
  • Provide patient medication counseling and health education, as well as staff education and drug information services.

Why Us?

We believe in a holistic approach to health whereby medicines, natural products and non-pharmaceutical interventions are used to achieve best health outcomes. We are passionate about educating others on maintaining healthy lifestyles. Should you have any query, please contact us. 

Our Promise

Our promise to our customers.

High level of professional and customer service.

Assurance that the pharmacy conforms to industry and professional standard.

The pharmacy team is dedicated to meeting customers’ healthcare needs and providing excellent customer service.