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NuvaPine R by Nuvaceuticals, nature and science perfected.

NuvaPine R is a conifer-infused olive oil containing plant polyprenols. Polyprenols are natural bio-regulators that play a key role in the biosynthesis of a number of the most important compounds necessary for vital organs and body functions. NuvaPine R is a pharmaceutical grade of polyprenols clinically proven to benefit degenerative and inflammatory conditions of the liver.
Multiple Liver Benefits
· Imparts liver anti-fibrosis actions
· Activates healthy liver cells regeneration
· Modulates immune responses
· Regulates lipids
· Eliminates toxins

Bioeffective® R is transparent pale yellow oily liquid extracted from European Fir (Picea abies), it is a highly purified mixture of polyprenols. Polyprenols are naturally occurring analogues and precursors of dolichols, and play a unique and vital role in the function of healthy cells plus it is essential in cellular biosynthesis of glycopeptides (glycoproteins).

Research and development of polyprenols has been restricted to date by their prohibitively high extraction costs. Live conifer needles are one of the richest and most widely available sources for polyprenol extraction in the world.Bioeffective® R is currently sold in Russia as Ropren® Drops , a registered prescription pharmaceutical, it was approved by the Russian Ministry of Health for entry into the Russian Pharmacopoeia as a hepatoprotector for use in treating chronic hepatitis and hepatobiliary dysfunction – with monographs for both the active raw material (“Ropren® substance”) and the finished product (“Ropren® drops”), a solution of Bioeffective® R in a pharmaceutical grade oil. The trials in Russia also showed that Ropren had significantly wider applications than liver disease. This included the ability to normalise immune response and normalise cholesterol levels, as well as alleviate the symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, drug addiction and depression.

How do I consume NuvaPine R?
Place drops of Bioeffective® R onto a small piece of bread and consume about 5 to 10 minutes before meals. Chew well before swallowing.
Note: The action of chewing is important to stimulate the production of saliva, which supports the absorption of NuvaPine R.
For treatment, take 6 drops 3 times daily
For prevention, take 4 drops 3 times daily

What can I expect after taking NuvaPine R?
Clinical studies report patients feeling less sick, having more strength, energy and experiencing better stomach health (related to the restoration of digestive and detoxification processes) after treatment with polyprenols.
Not just that, clinical investigations also showed an improvement in the liver enzyme profiles of patients indicating a reparative effect of damaged liver cells.
Anti-fibrotic benefits were also reported which correspond to improved elasticity and decreased scarring of the liver.