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Maltofer® is a new oral iron therapy for the treatment of dietary iron deficiency in adults and adolescents.

Many people don’t get enough iron from their diet, which can lead to low iron levels. Maltofer® is an oral iron therapy which is clinically proven to correct iron levels, with fewer and milder side effects compared to ferrous iron supplements.That means less constipation, less nausea and an effective dose of iron. It’s the kind of iron deficiency treatment many have been waiting for.

Maltofer® is now available in Australian pharmacies, with no prescription needed. Maltofer® is manufactured in Switzerland and although it’s a new iron treatment for Australians, Maltofer® has been introduced into more than 80 countries around the globe.

Suitable for use in pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body’s need for iron increases by as much as 10 fold. This kind of increase in iron cannot always be met by diet alone, necessitating the need for iron supplements.

Globally, Maltofer® has been recommended to correct iron levels in pregnant women for over 50 years. Clinical studies have shown Maltofer® corrects iron deficiency in pregnant women with significantly less side effects, making it easier to restore iron levels.