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DR. mist fluid spray does not contain any fragrance, artificial colorings, cream, oil or alcohol. It embraces an environmental-friendly and hygienic concept process, unlike conventional products contains, such as:

Unlike conventional products which may contain Oil or cream that will clog pores, stains clothes and provide underarm discomfort.

Fragrance-talc to soak up perspiration, causing the factor of contamination on body and clothes.

Alcohol to quick-dry perspiration and kill germs, that will caused underarm skin tone to become darken and un-presentable.

Fragrance to cover unpleasant odor, but is non lasting or may even trigger irritation or other effects.

Note: The accumulated darkening of pigmentation of the armpit area is due to the long term usage of the above.

Effectiveness of DR.mist
With just a spray at the underarm, it will maintain cleanliness and freshness, even shower is not taken for a couple of days.

Simplicity of Application

Tower-dry after shower, just spray on the under-arm area, spread it on evenly with your hands and you are done! It is as simple as that!

Universal Application
As a spray-on product, DR. mist provides personal hygiene care with no risk of product contamination. One bottle of DR. mist can be shared amongst family members and friends.

Feels Like Water
Upon spraying DR. mist on the under-arm area after drying, there is no stickiness nor irritation, leaving only a naturally clean and fresh feeling, with no contamination on body and clothes absolutely.

DR. mist fluid spray does not contain any fragrance. It is an odorless quality product that stands out from the rest. (Question: Why must underarm care product utilize fragrance?)

Preservation of Perfume Fragrance
With the use of odorless DR.mist the fragrance from costly perfume can be preserved and simultaneously prevented from being adulterated by the sweaty odor emitting from the underarm.

To Fulfill the Patient’s Satisfaction on Hygiene
Able to overcome women in confinement and disable patient that facing unfit for shower hygiene care.

The Function Of DR.mist Floatation Fluid Spray
Able to flush out darkening and pigmentation from the pores at underarm region, arising from germs and acidic sweat reaction, thereby effectively rejuvenating the skin to its natural elegance.

A Concept To Respect Human Self-esteem
DR. mist realized the fact that people are more concerned about the treasure of self-esteem and has thereby not developed as a deodorizer, as such, DR. mist has been developed as a high-quality of cleanliness and hygiene care innovative theory, to counter the very nature of consumer been having a heavy concern about reputation and image.

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