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BiO-LiFE Anti-FR + Selenium offers a wide range of anti-free radical (FR) nutrients that combines beta-carotene, vitamins C, E and the mineral zinc. Garlic, a natural source of selenium is also added to ensure an adequate level of protection against degenerative diseases.

Selenium is an essential mineral found in trace amounts in the body. It plays a critical role in protecting against free radical and oxidative damage. Low levels of selenium are linked to a higher risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases and other conditions associated with increased free-radical damage. Selenium also works closely with vitamin E in some of its metablic actions and in the promotion of normal body growth and fertility. It imrproves certain energy-producing cells, including those of the heart, by ensuring adequate oxygen supply. Moreover, selenium has the ability to boost several infection-flighting elements of the immune system and binds with toxic substances such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury to make them less harmful.

BiO-LiFE Anti FR & Selenium contains garlic. Garlic gives the characteristic odour of the product. When you peel a clove of garlic it has little or no discernible smell. When the garlic is sliced, it lets out an odour. By slicing the garlic, we react the amino acid compounds in garlic with enzymes in garlic, producing a compound called the allicin which gives out the characteristic odour. This is exactly the process that takes place at a larger scale in a manufacturing plant where garlic extracts are produced.

BiO-LiFE Anti FR & Selenium tablets contain concentrated garlic extract and therefore, the same characteristic odour should be present. The odour can be stronger as the product ages and the moisture level in the packaging bottle increases. The source of garlic extract in this product is from a reputable plant extract manufacturer based in Europe. The garlic extract complies with the European Pharmacopoeia for quality specifications.


Adult: Take one tablet twice daily with food or as recommended by our nutritionist.
Children (6-12 yrs): Take one tablet every day with food or as recommended by our nutritionist