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A Proprietary Protein Blend Of Cold Extraction Cation
Exchange Protein And Hydrolyzed WPI

• High Biological Value
• High In Essential Amino Acids
• Low Minerals
• Ultra Low Lactose
• Gluten-Free

Product Description

Ceprolac is a unique proprietary protein blend of high quality cold extraction cation exchange whey isolate boosted with hydrolyzed WPI, it is for people with increased protein demands and those who are not able to meet their protein needs with a normal diet.

Ceprolac is an ideal protein supplement that may be added to food, beverages, or orally and tube-administered enteral products to provide protein for certain clinical conditions with higher protein demand

Ceprolac may be used indefinitely as a protein supplement, although Ceprolac does not provide a balanced diet and is not for use as a sole source of nutrition, may serve as the sole source of protein when provided in appropriate amounts.

Storage Condition

Store in a cool place below 30°C

Indication / Usage

Product suitable for hyper-metabolic people with high protein
For pre or post-surgical protein supplementation.
Stress induced protein loss in trauma and burn.
For high protein metabolic cancer patients.
Acute and chronic renal dialysis patients.
Direction Of Use

Can be consumed orally or used in enteral tube feeding.
Can also be added to beverages, soups, or sprinkled on other food to increase protein content.
For liquid preparation,

Add 15gm of Ceprolac into a clean container.
Add 20 ml of water at room temperature into the powder.
A steady stir will allow the protein powder to mix well.
Allow the mixture to sit for 30 sec to be fully dissolved.
Add remaining water into the mixture and allow to sit for another 60 sec.
Warning / Precautions

Use as food supplement directed by dieticians or medical practitioners.
Not for parenteral use.
Not to be used as a sole source of nutrition.
Do not use for weight reduction.